The Cuban Diaspora Report

The report on The Cuban Diaspora in the Twenty-First Century will be presented on Monday, March 12th, at 7:00 PM, at Casa de América in Madrid, Spain.

Cubans arrived in Miami as refugees and transformed the city into a vibrant international hub. Second-generation Cuban immigrants represent the most succesful group in the history of migrations to the United States. If things were to change tomorrow in Cuba, would Cubans living abroad assist in placing again the Island among the most advanced countries in the Americas? What would be required to make that possible and what resources does this community have to accomplish such a tall task? This report, written by some of the most prestigious experts on Cuba, addresses these issues in an academic but compact and well documented fashion. With language accesible to anyone, this report—coordinated by the Cuban Research Institute of Florida International University—reads as a white paper with great insights and useful recommendations to all stakeholders and players involved.

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