Large FIU Delegation to Participate in ASCE Cuba Conference

Image: asce-at-cri-conference.jpg
Carmelo Mesa-Lago and ASCE President Silvia Pedraza at the 2019 CRI Conference. Courtesy of ASCE

Ten faculty members and graduate students affiliated with FIU will participate in the 29th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE), to be held in Miami on July 25–27, 2019. During the conference, scholars, professionals, and private entrepreneurs from Cuba will present papers and participate in roundtable discussions. Eighteen panel sessions will discuss original work related to the economy of Cuba in a broad sense, including legal, sectoral, and social aspects of economic development. Papers, presentations, and discussions, as well as roundtable summaries, will be included in a volume of papers and proceedings as part of the series Cuba in Transition. The main theme of this year's meeting will be "Cuba—Growth or Decline: Is the Revolution Dead?"

The following presentations by FIU affiliates have been scheduled in the preliminary program:

  • Jorge Duany (Cuban Research Institute), "Economic Relations between Cuban and Venezuelan Émigrés and Their Countries of Origin"
  • José Gabilondo (College of Law), "Cuba's Civil Society in Conflict: Constitutional Debates about Same-Sex Marriage"
  • Lennier López (Department of Politics and International Relations), Armando Chaguaceda, and Carlos Torrealba, "Cuban Civil Society and the (Post)Normalization Environment: An Analysis of Two Cases"
  • Martin Palous (Václav Havel Program for Human Rights & Diplomacy), "Cuba in 2019: A Central European Perspective"
  • Orçun Selcuk (Department of Politics and International Relations), "Inclusionary vs. Exclusionary Populism and Leader Polarization in Venezuela"
  • Jack Vertovec (Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies) and Tamarys Bahamonde, "This Crisis Will Be Different: A Comparative Case-Study of Unequal Economic Realities in Contemporary Havana, Cuba"

Paper discussants include Jorge Esquirol (College of Law) and Denisse Delgado (CRI Visiting Scholar).

In addition, the program includes two presentations by a member of the CRI Community Advisory Board:

  • Carmelo Mesa-Lago, "Social Welfare in Cuba after 60 Years of Revolution"
  • Carmelo Mesa-Lago, "The Cuban Economy after 60 Years of Revolution: Continuities and Changes"

Finally, the conference program will sponsor a screening and discussion of the film documentary, Statistics and Chance, about the life and work of Carmelo Mesa-Lago, directed by Carlos Díaz Montero and produced by CRI Visiting Scholar Elaine Acosta.

To view the conference program, click here.