Announcing the Winner of the 2020 José Antonio Echeverría Scholarship

Image: arasay-vazquez.jpg
Arasay Vázquez Díaz

The Cuban Research Institute is happy to announce that FIU graduate student Arasay Vázquez Díaz is the winner of the 2020 José Antonio Echeverría Scholarship. Arasay is enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts in Curatorial Practice at Florida International University. She is currently in her third and final year in the program, while she interns at the Wolfsonian–FIU and works as Collection and Registrar Assistant at the Frost Art Museum.

Arasay Vázquez Díaz was born and raised in Santa Clara, a city at the center of Cuba. From 2006 to 2011 she studied Art History at the University of Havana, where she graduated with honors. Afterwards, she started working as curator at the Visual Art Center of Villa Clara and as professor of Latin American and Cuban Art at the Central University of Las Villas. Local and national platforms in Cuba, such as the magazines Islas and Artecubano, have published her articles and exhibition reviews, and she also collaborated as guest curator or guest speaker for other institutions, like the Conservation and Heritage Center and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Villa Clara.

The José Antonio Echeverría Scholarship was created in 2007 by relatives and friends of José Antonio, led by his sister Lucy Echeverría. The purpose of the scholarship is to promote the understanding of the political, social, and economic realities of 1950s Cuba, and in particular of the life and legacy of José Antonio Echeverría. Since its creation, the scholarship has benefited twelve FIU students, both graduate and undergraduate, by contributing to support their tuition and other educational expenses.

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