Amy Galpin

Amy Galpin

Amy Galpin, Ph.D., is the Chief Curator of the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University.

Dr. Galpin has previously served as the Curator of Rollins Museum of Art, and the Associate Curator, Art of the Americas, at the San Diego Museum of Art. Her exhibitions include Alfredo Ramos Martinez: Picturing Mexico in California at the Pasadena Museum of Art and Translation Revolution: U.S. Artists Interpret Mexica Muralism at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. In 2010, she worked with the Museum of Contemporary San Diego, the Timken Museum of Art, and the San Diego Museum of Art on an exhibition and publication titled Behold, America! Art of the United States from Three San Diego Museums.

At both the Frost and at Rollins College, Dr. Galpin curated numerous group and solo exhibitions of contemporary art, including In the Mind’s Eye: Landscapes of Cuba, Displacement: Symbols and Journeys, Cut: Abstraction in the U.S. from the 1970s to the Present, and solo projects with Patrick Martinez, Rafael Soldi, Liu Shiyuan, and Jess T. Dugan, among others. Her exhibition projects and collections research readily include modern and contemporary art of Cuba. She teaches courses in modern and contemporary art of Latin America as well as contemporary art.


Office: Frost Art Museum, room 310
Telephone: 305.348.2890

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