CASO Social Event

FIU's Cuban-American Student Organization (CASO) hosted a very successful social event at the Pit in the Graham Center. The event featured domino competitions, Cuban food and music, free salsa lessons, and live performances by Cuban rappers David Escalona (from Omni Zona Franca) and Raudel Collazo (Escuadrón Patriota). Univisión Radio and Radio Mambí offered free T-shirts. More than 150 students participated in the event.

Image: caso.png
Members of the executive board of the Cuban-American Student Organization (CASO) share a a moment with two of their special guests. From left to right, CASO Vice-President Cecilia Sánchez, Treasurer Jazmín Hernández, David Escalona, President Anigladys Mesa, CSO Representative Glenda Almela, and Raudel Collazo

Image: cri-staff.png
Members of the CRI staff provided support for the event. From left to right, CRI Associate Director Sebastián Arcos, Public Affairs Manager Aymee Correa, Raudel Collazo, David Escalona, an unidentified student, Visiting Scholar Nora Gámez, and CRI Director Jorge Duany