Fiftieth Anniversary of the Cintas Foundation

Image: humberto-calzada.jpg
Cintas fellow Humberto Calzada in front of his 1989 painting La danza de los millones

The Cintas Foundation is celebrating 50 years of supporting visual artists, architects, writers, and composers of Cuban origin, living and working outside of Cuba. The foundation was established with funds from the estate of the late Oscar B. Cintas, a former Cuban ambassador to the United States and a prominent industrialist and patron of the arts. Cintas fellowships acknowledge creative accomplishments and encourage the development of creative artists in architecture, literature, music composition, and the visual arts.

Past recipients include the following:

  • Writers Lydia Cabrera, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Reinaldo Arenas, Antonio Benítez Rojo, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Oscar Hijuelos, Cristina García, and Achy Obejas
  • Visual artists Cundo Bermúdez, Rolando López-Dirube, Félix González-Torres, José Bedia, Humberto Calzada, Ana Mendieta, and María Martínez-Cañas
  • Architects Nicolás Quintana, Ricardo Porro, Andrés M. Duany, and Marylis Nepomechie
  • Composers Bebo Valdés, Mario Bauzá, Orlando García, and Armando Tranquilino

The Cuban Research Institute is proud to have Cintas fellows Humberto Calzada as a member of its Community Advisory Board and Orlando García as a member of its Faculty Advisory Board. Armando Tranquilino has been a longtime collaborator of CRI through its Classically Cuban concert. Marylis Nepomechie is a CRI Faculty Affiliate in the School of Architecture and the Arts at FIU. Former CRI Director Damián J. Fernández was also a recipient of the Cintas fellowship in the category of creative writing.

For more information on the Cintas Foundation, click here.