Meet the 2016 José Antonio Echeverría Scholar

Image: katheryne-mena.png

The José Antonio Echeverría Scholarship is awarded every year to a student of Architecture, History, Politics & International Relations, or Religious Studies at FIU. In addition, the student must be enrolled in the Undergraduate Certificate Program in Cuban and Cuban-American Studies.

In 2007, the family and friends of the Cuban student leader José Antonio Echeverría donated $50,000 to establish the scholarship fund at FIU. The fund has now doubled to $100,000. The scholarship awards $4,000 each academic year to cover tuition, books, and other educational expenses. Although Echeverría was an architecture student, the scholarship is awarded to encourage students to become active in governmental and political affairs.

The recipient of the 2016 José Antonio Echeverría Scholarship is Katheryne Mena. Born in Miami to Cuban parents, Katheryne has always had a strong interest in politics and in history, especially concerning her Cuban roots. She is currently working on obtaining a bachelor's degree in Political Science at FIU to eventually go on to Law school. She has already taken courses on Cuban politics and international relations in Latin America. She loves to read and write and hopes she can make a career out of writing.

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