CRI Director Invited as a Summer at Census Scholar

Image: jorge-duany.png

Dr. Jorge Duany, the Director of FIU's Cuban Research Institute, has been invited to visit the U.S. Census Bureau near Washington, D.C., on June 29–July 1, 2015 as a Summer at Census Scholar. Recognized scholars in several fields applicable to censuses and large-scale sample surveys are invited for short-term visits, primarily between May and September. Dr. Duany is the second scholar of Hispanic origin to participate in the program since its beginning in 2009.

Dr. Duany will present a seminar on racial and ethnic identities in the Hispanic Caribbean and among migrants from the region to the United States. He will also collaborate with Census Bureau researchers and staff working on racial questions, the foreign-born population, and historical statistics on migration.

Dr. Duany has published extensively on migration, race, ethnicity, nationalism, and transnationalism in Cuba, the Caribbean, and the United States. His 2011 book, Blurred Borders: Transnational Migration from the Hispanic Caribbean to the United States, explores how migrants to the United States from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico maintain multiple ties to their countries of origin. It includes a comparative analysis of the transformation of national and racial identities among Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican migrants in the United States.