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Call for Applications | Eliana Rivero Scholarship in Cuban Studies


FIU's Cuban Research Institute (CRI) is pleased to provide support for FIU faculty and graduate students to present papers at academic conferences related to Cuba and its diaspora. The Eliana Rivero Scholarship in Cuban Studies will help to cover up to $500 per person to offset the costs of airfare, lodging, and meals to participate in a professional meeting. Award recipients must complete their travel by June 30, 2023.

New Online Course on Caribbean Literature


Dr. Jeniffer Fernández (Department of Modern Languages) will teach this course during the spring of 2023. The class will survey Caribbean literature from early post-Columbian texts, such as slave narratives and travel writing, to modern Caribbean poetry and prose. This course aims to define the "Caribbean identity” while studying the Hispanophone, Anglophone, and Francophone legacies.

New Course on José Martí and Cuban Émigré Communities


During the spring semester of 2023, students enrolled in the FIU Honors Program will have the opportunity to learn more about José Martí's relationship to the Cuban diaspora in the 19th century. Taught by Dr. Jorge Duany, the seminar will provide an overview of Martí's thought about national identity, race, and class within the context of Cuban migration to the United States, especially New York, Key West, and Tampa.

Upcoming Events

In-Person Book Presentation | Cuban Privilege: The Making of Immigrant Inequality in America

12/09/2022 07:00 PM

Drawing on unseen archives, interviews, and survey data, Dr. Susan Eckstein highlights how Washington transformed Cuban exiles from agents of U.S. Cold War foreign policy into a politically powerful force influencing national policy. Comparing the exclusionary treatment of neighboring Haitians, the book discloses the racial and political biases embedded within U.S. immigration policy.

In-Person Lecture | The Crisis of the West: Ortega y Gasset and Cuban Essayists

01/12/2023 12:00 PM

In this lecture, Ariel Pérez Lazo will examine the influence of the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset in Cuba. His influence was especially visible during the 1940s, when Cuban authors often reflected on the crisis of values on the island as well as other parts of the world.

In-Person and Virtual Lecture | The Cuban Economy in 2020–2022: Back to the 1990s Crisis?

01/18/2023 12:00 PM

Dr. Carmelo Mesa-Lago will review Cuba's recent economic performance, with respect to growth, gross capital formation, financial stability, and the performance of agriculture, manufacturing, mining, tourism, and the external sector. The lecture will document the island's current economic crisis and its similarities with the severe crisis of the 1990s.

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