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The Cuban Research Institute (CRI) offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Cuban and Cuban American Studies. The certificate provides a unique opportunity for students to integrate scholarship from various disciplines into a comprehensive program of study. Students gain a broad knowledge of Cuban and Cuban American history, politics, economics, and culture. Internationally known scholars teach many of the courses approved for the certificate program.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Cuban and Cuban American Studies is designed to complement a student's major field of study. Interdisciplinary in nature, the certificate program consists of more than 70 course offerings from numerous departments and programs, including African and African Diaspora Studies, Art and Art History, Economics, English, Global and Sociocultural Studies, History, Linguistics, Modern Languages, Politics and International Relations, and Religious Studies. Students receive a certificate in addition to their baccalaureate degree, attesting to their having taken a significant concentration of courses to secure approval by the appropriate faculty.

Graduate students can also earn a Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies with a concentration in Cuban Studies. For more information, click here.

Requirements for the Undergraduate Certificate

  1. Admission to FIU as a degree-seeking student.
  2. A total of 18 credit hours comprised of six three-credit courses. Students must enroll in courses from at least four different departments. Please note that International Relations and Politics are part of the same department at FIU.

Certificate Application Form

Students interested in applying for the Undergraduate Certificate in Cuban and Cuban American Studies (CCAS) must complete the application forms below (Part I and Part II). Please drop off completed applications at DM 445 on the Modesto A. Maidique Campus.

Undergraduate Certificate Application Part I

Undergraduate Certification Application Part II


Courses at the 5000 and 6000 levels qualify for the program; however, undergraduates should consult with the professor prior to taking these courses. One independent study may count toward the certificate provided that the final paper is of thematic relevance. A working knowledge of Spanish is recommended. To inquire if a specific course meets the certificate requirements, please contact the Director of the Cuban Research Institute at cri@fiu.edu. The main criterion is that the course syllabus devote at least 25 percent of its contents to Cuba and its diaspora.

The following list includes approved course offerings that can be counted toward the Undergraduate Certificate in Cuban and Cuban American Studies. Additional courses may be counted with the permission of the Director of the Cuban Research Institute.

African and African Diaspora Studies
AFA 2004 Black Popular Cultures, Global Dimensions
AFA 4933 Special Topics in Black Transnationalism: Race, Class, and Power in the Caribbean

ANT 4211 Area Studies: Afro-Cuban Religion
ANT 4340 Cultures of the Caribbean
ANT 4343 Cuban Culture and Society

Art and Art History
ARH 4450 Modern Art
ARH 4470 Contemporary Art
ARH 4672 A History of Cuban Art

Biological Sciences
BSC 4363 Biodiversity in the Caribbean Basin

Communication Arts
COM 3461 Intercultural and Interracial Communication

ECS 3430 The Economic Development of Cuba/Past and Present
ECS 3431 Economics of the Caribbean Basin
ECS 3432 Economic Integration/Caribbean

FOL 4930 Special Topics: Hispanic Culture in the U.S.
SSE 4380 Developing a Global Perspective

LIT 4356 Literature of the Cuban Diaspora

GEA 3320 Population and Geography of the Caribbean

AMH 4421 Florida Under Five Flags: Florida History from Precontact to 1877
AMH 4588 Latin@ History
AMH 4914 South Florida History: Research
HIS 5930 Special Topics: Music and Resistance in the Caribbean
LAH 3740 Comparative History of Latin American Rebellions and Revolutions
LAH 4471 Colonial Caribbean in Comparative Perspective
LAH 4482 Cuba: 18th–20th Centuries
LAH 4483 Cuba since 1959
LAH 4734 Latin American History Through Film
LAH 4737 Music, Modernity, and Identity in Latin American History
LAH 4932 Topics in Latin American History
LAH 5905 Readings in Latin American History: Cuba: 1898–1960
LAH 5935 Research Seminar in Latin American History: Cuba: 18th–20th Centuries
LAH 6932 Topics in Latin American History: Circum-Caribbean
WOH 4230 The African Diaspora and the Atlantic Slave Trade

International Relations
INR 3045 The Global Challenge of Refugees and Migrants
INR 3243 International Relations of Latin America
INR 3246 International Relations of the Caribbean
INR 4931 Topics in International Relations: Cuba in the World
INR 5935 Topics in International Relations: Cuba in the World

JOU 3188 Reporting in a Multi-Ethnic Community

LIN 5604 Spanish in the United States

MUH 3060 Latino Music in the United States
MUH 3063 Music of the Caribbean
MUH 3541 Music of Latin America: Folklore and Beyond
MUH 3813 History of Afro-Cuban Jazz
MUH 5067 Music of the Caribbean
MUH 5546 Music of the Americas

CPO 4034 The Politics of Development and Underdevelopment
CPO 4057 Political Violence and Revolution
CPO 4323 Politics of the Caribbean
CPO 4360 Cuban Politics
CPO 5325 Politics of the Caribbean
POS 4074 Latino Politics
POS 4182 Florida Politics
POS 4188 Miami Politics
POS 4314 American Ethnic Politics

Religious Studies
REL 3383 Caribbean Religions

SYD 2620 Sociology of Miami
SYD 4621 Cubans in the U.S.
SYD 6901 Special Topics in Sociology: Transnational Cuba

SPN 4520 Latin American Culture
SPN 4521 Topics in Latin American Culture
SPN 5536 Afro-Cuban Culture
SPN 5539 Special Topics in Afro-Hispanic Culture
SPN 5824 Dialectology of the Spanish Caribbean
SPN 6535 Hispanic Culture in the U.S.
SPW 3130 Spanish American Literature
SPW 3392 Cuban Culture through Cinema
SPW 5396 History of Cuban Cinema
SPW 5735 Hispanic Literature in the United States
SPW 5934 Special Topics in Language/Literature: Novela Cubana, 1900–1950
SPW 6367 Prose and Poetry of José Martí
SPW 6389 Cuban Novel and Short Story
SPW 6775 Literature of the Spanish Caribbean