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The Cuban Research Institute (CRI) of Florida International University sponsors various programs, including a lecture series, book presentations, film screenings, the Conference on Cuban and Cuban American Studies, the Díaz-Ayala Library Travel Grants, and the Eliana Rivero Research Scholarship.

CRI Lecture Series

The institute invites leading scholars to address themes relevant to the study of Cuba and Cuban America. These lectures offer an opportunity for students and faculty as well as members of the greater Miami community to engage with prominent Cubanists. +More Info

Book Presentations

CRI regularly brings to Miami some of the best authors writing about Cuban and Cuban American topics. +More Info

Film Screenings

The institute sponsors the presentation and discussion of films dealing with Cuba and its diaspora. +More Info

Conference on Cuban and Cuban American Studies

Every two years, CRI convenes scholars and other persons interested in the study of Cuba and Cuban Americans. Held since 1997, this meeting has become the largest international gathering of scholars specializing in Cuba and its diaspora. +More Info

Díaz-Ayala Library Travel Grants

CRI, the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center, and the Libraries at Florida International University offer the Díaz-Ayala Library Travel Grants to study the special collections related to Cuba and Cuban Americans. These grants provide scholars and graduate students the opportunity to visit the collections at the FIU Green Library, thereby enhancing their value as a national resource. +More Info

Eliana Rivero Research Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Eliana S. Rivero, professor emerita in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Arizona, CRI offers a scholarship to FIU faculty and graduate students to present their work at academic conferences related to Cuban and Cuban American studies. +More Info

José Antonio Echeverría Scholarship

Every year, the José Antonio Echeverría Foundation awards a scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate FIU student in honor of the slain Cuban student leader. +More Info

Classically Cuban Concert

Since 1994, CRI has sponsored a concert series to celebrate the diverse musical traditions of Cuba and its diaspora, bringing a broad spectrum of the greater Miami community to FIU. Each concert focuses on a different theme and includes works by Cuban and other composers. +More Info