Film Screenings

Image: ruth-behar.jpg
Ruth Behar discussing her documentary, Adio Kerida, at FIU in 2014

As part of its mission of disseminating knowledge about Cuba and its diaspora, the Cuban Research Institute organizes the presentation and discussion of important works of documentary and fiction cinema. Whenever possible, the films' directors are invited to participate in a panel with other experts on the topic of the film and in a question and answer period with the audience. The following list includes some of the films screened at FIU over the years:

  • Adio Kerida, directed by Ruth Behar (2002)
  • La bella del Alhambra, directed by Enrique Pineda Barnet (1989)
  • Craving Cuba, directed by Zuzelin Martín Lynch and Rick Lynch (2015)
  • Cuba: El arte de la espera, directed by Eduardo Lamora (2010)
  • Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution, directed by Glenn Gebhard (2015)
  • Cuba: The Generation of Change, directed by Lisandra Alvarez (2013)
  • Cubamerican, directed by José Enrique Pardo (2012)
  • East of Havana, directed by Jauretsi Saizarbitoria (2006)
  • Elena, directed by Marcelo Martín (2012)
  • Fifty Years of Exile, directed by Norberto Perdomo (2009)
  • Haciendo historia, directed by Arturo Arias-Polo (1989)
  • The Harvard Cubans, directed by Danny González Lucena (2017)
  • Hemingway: Between Key West and Cuba, directed by Richard Abella (2017)
  • In Dreams Awake: A Documentary about Humberto Calzada, directed by Anabel Leal and Reinaldo Cruz (2013)
  • Lezama Lima: Speaking Freely, directed by Enesto Fundora Hernández (2018)
  • Maldito sea tu nombre libertad, directed by Vladimir Ceballos (1994)
  • El Mar y El, directed by Tony Méndez (2014)
  • Mariposas en el andamio, directed by Luis Felipe Bernaza (1994)
  • Más allá del mar (Beyond the Sea), directed by Lisandro Pérez-Rey (2003)
  • The Metal Islands: History, Culture, and Politics in Caribbean Heavy Metal Music, produced by Nelson Varas-Díaz (2017)
  • La noche del juicio, directed by Tomás Piard (2010)
  • Operation Pedro Pan: The Cuban Children's Exodus, directed by Carlos Gutiérrez (2017)
  • Reflections, directed by Sisy Gómez Peña (2017)
  • Return to Ithaca, directed by Laurent Cantet (2014)
  • Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen, directed by Arístides Falcón-Paradí (2013)
  • Severo secreto, directed by Oneyda González and Gustavo Pérez (2016)
  • Social Club Buena Vista: At Second Glance, directed by Carsten Möller (2007)
  • Street Filmmaking in Cuba, directed by Ann Marie Stock (2010)
  • El Súper, directed by León Ichaso and Orlando Jiménez Leal (1979)
  • El telón de azúcar, directed by Camila Guzmán Urzúa (2005)
  • Those I Left Behind, directed by Lisandro Pérez-Rey (2006)
  • To Build Another House, directed by Eliecer Jiménez Almeida (2017)
  • The Train on the Northern Railway, directed by Marcelo Martín (2015)
  • El viajero inmóvil, directed by Tomás Piard (2008)