From Africa to the Americas

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Venue:Modesto A. Maidique Campus, Frost Art Museum

Image: bedia.png
José Bedia, Nso Ndoki, 1992

The rich symbolic legacy of the syncretism and rituals born of traditional African religion and Catholicism in Cuba and the Caribbean is but one reflection of the many complex identities that result with the intermingling of people over many years, and the particular circumstances of their relationships—whether by choice or forced imposition. /From Africa to the Americas/ proposes to introduce the visual legacy of Africa to Cuba through a small, but key, selection of works of art and ethnographic objects. Included are works by José Bedia, Carlos Alfonzo, and Wifredo Lam, among others. The works, many selected from the Frost Museum's African and Cuban collections, introduce the origins of Santería and Palo Monte and their manifestation in the art of twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Their vast and poetic interpretation of the world, the cosmos, and the inter-relationship of humans and nature brings the heritage of Africa into the present.