New Cuban-American Student Organization at FIU

Image: cuban-and-american-flags.png

On September 18, 2013, twenty undergraduate and graduate students from several departments met in DM 442A to create an association for those interested in Cuban and Cuban-American affairs. The group listened to a PowerPoint presentation by Belkys Yzquierdo, the founder of the Study Abroad club, on how to organize a student association at FIU. The first step was to select an executive board. The following persons assumed the main positions on the board:

  • Anigladys Mesa, President
  • Cecilia Sánchez, Vice President
  • Tyrell Capers, Secretary
  • Emerio Díaz, Treasurer
  • Rudy Leal-McCormack, Representative to the Council of Student Organizations

The next steps include registering as a new organization with FIU's Council of Student Organizations (CSO). Once the organization is approved, board members will attend the OrgSync training, required to join the Campus Engagement Network that connects students to organizations, programs, and departments on campus in a private online community. From there, the board will begin to recruit additional members of the organization by creating social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). In October, the board plans to have its first general meeting and a public event commemorating Hispanic Heritage month.

For more information or to join the Cuban-American Student Organization, please contact Anigladys Mesa at