FIU in the News: Cuban Documents in Two Miami Universities

Image: espacio-laical.png

Emilio Cueto published his article, "Documentos cubanos en dos universidades de Miami," in the most recent issue (no. 228, April 2013) of the Catholic journal Espacio Laical, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Havana. As the author notes, "one of the most significant and enduring ways in which that interest [in Cuba] manifests itself is the presence of Cuban books and other documents in Miami's main universities," including FIU. Reviewing FIU's library resources, Cueto focuses on the Díaz-Ayala Cuban and Latin American Popular Music Collection, the Leví Marrero Research Archives, and the Enrique Hurtado de Mendoza Collection of Cuban Genealogy.

Read the original article in Spanish here.