José Gabilondo Publishes Essay on Heterosexual Supremacy

Image: jose-gabilondo.jpg

FIU College of Law Professor and CRI affiliate José Gabilondo's essay, "Los fueros de la heterosexualidad en su ocaso" (The Twilight of Straight Supremacy), was published in La discriminación de género en el derecho y sus expresiones en la legislación y en la práctica jurídica (Gender Discrimination in Law and Its Expression in Legislation and Legal Institutions), edited by the Unión Nacional de Juristas de Cuba.

"What's interesting about this stage of the gay rights movement is that the burdens of proof and persuasion are shifting—from the shoulders of advocates of equality to those who continue to argue that heterosexuality is somehow superior or otherwise worthy of subsidy or special treatment by the state. Straight supremacists will have a tough time meeting those burdens, but that is the way of all social progress," said Gabilondo, while describing the essay.

Gabilondo's work on heterosexual subject formation in law has appeared in the Wake Forest Law Review, the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender, and Society, and the Boston College Journal of Law and Social Justice. His work on heterosexual identity has been used in diversity trainings for the Florida court system.

Read Professor Gabilondo's essay here.