New Publication: A Dispersed People: Social and Cultural Dimensions of the Cuban Diaspora

Image: un-pueblo-disperso.jpg

The idea of a "diaspora" has become widespread over the last two decades—both within and outside intellectual circles—to refer to the growing dispersal of Cubans, as well as their changing socioeconomic profile and motivations to leave the island. This bilingual volume gathers a selection of the papers presented at the Ninth Conference on Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, sponsored by the Cuban Research Institute of Florida International University in Miami.

The collection analyzes numerous aspects of Cuban and Cuban-American politics, economics, sociology, literature, music, religion, art, and cinema. The authors come from diverse disciplines of the humanities and the social sciences, particularly literary and art criticism, cultural studies, history, sociology, anthropology, and geography. The texts are published in Spanish and English, according to their authors' preference, as a reflection of the bilingual character of Cuban-American culture. Many of the contributions included herein document the transition in the Cuban-American community from the historical exile toward a diasporic perspective—a transition notable in cultural fields such as narrative, popular music, and the visual arts.

The book can be ordered from Editorial Aduana Vieja.

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