Former Visiting Scholar Finishes Ph.D.

Image: nelson-jaime-santana.png

We're happy to share the news that Nelson Jaime Santana has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation in sociology at the Alberto Hurtado University in Santiago de Chile. Dr. Jaime Santana was a Visiting Scholar at CRI during the fall of 2018.

The members of his thesis committee were Drs. María Emilia Tijoux (director), Elaine Acosta González (reader), and Cristián Doña-Reveco (member).

Dr. Jaime Santana's dissertation focused on the labor trajectories of skilled Cuban migrants in Santiago de Chile. He employed a qualitative methodology, particularly semi-structured interviews and life histories, with a small sample of Cuban immigrants.

Dr. Jaime Santana is currently teaching anthropology and social work at the Universidad de San Sebastián in Santiago de Chile. He previously taught social sciences at the Universidad Tecnológica in Santiago.