Bradley C. Bennett

Bradley C. Bennett

Bradley C. Bennett, Ph.D., is Director of the Center for Ethnobiology and Natural Products at Florida International University.

Dr. Bennett holds a Master's degree in Biology from Florida Atlantic University and a Doctorate degree in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Florida International University. He is an affiliated faculty member of the Department of Earth and Environment in the School of Environment and Society. He has been president of the International Society for Economic Botany and an associate editor of the journal Economic Botany. He is a member of the American Botanical Council's Advisory Board and a senior research associate at the National Tropical Botanical Garden's Kampong Garden. His main research focus is ethnobotany in the neotropics. Dr. Bennett and his graduate assistants have worked in Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guyana, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and the United States.


Office: Modesto A. Maidique Campus, AHC1-319B
Telephone: 305.348.3586

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